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Amusement at Work

April 17th, 2013 / - filed under Client Relationships

Nancy’s visit to Disney World this week reminded me of a riveting keynote I was privileged to sit through about 100 years ago where an executive from Disney addressed the Guest Experience. It’s funny, he told us, what matters to people. It’s almost never what you’d expect. The company had just spent untold millions building the year’s blockbuster amusement…the Tower of Terror or some nailbiting thingamabob. But in exit surveys of their park experience, no one mentioned the rides. The park was so clean. Everyone was so friendly. The lines weren’t that bad. It was easy to find the car. Service, even in the land of amusement, was the primary driver of satisfaction.

Law firms, take note:  Service matters. In a world where superb lawyering is in ample supply, service can be the differentiator. Service can—and should—be your brand. So don’t just return your phone calls; responsiveness really is a bare minimum. Raise the bar and grow absolutely obsessed with dazzling your clients at every turn.

What will clients say about their experience with your firm? You decide.