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We’d never say anything so trite and absurd like
everybody needs a little martini now and then…
But, oh dear, would you look at that, we just said it.

On a spring day in 2006, Joy Martini sat at a really nice desk on Madison Avenue, working for one of the largest law firms in the world. Big office, great view, flanked by senior partners. She was busy. And she always needed more hands than the HR department was willing to provide. Sure, the rolodex (yes, she still used one, never know when the computer may crash) brimmed with smart consultants. But she rarely had the time or the budget to underwrite a learning curve for an outsider to get up to speed on the project du jour. Worse, she felt that many consultants committed two crimes: First, they talked business school speak, which is an altogether different—and strange—language for lawyers. Second, many consultants tried to sell more than the task at hand—a strategic plan, an overhaul of this or that, an off-site retreat for finance partners. You name it, she didn’t need it that day. Would have been nice, but just wasn’t necessary.

Later that summer, Martini Consulting was born.

The objective was simple; leverage in-house expertise to respond to instant issues. Do it quickly and price it fairly. Make in-house marketing teams look like rock stars. Help partners stay energized and focused. Teach young lawyers the tricks to make rain.

Since our launch, we’ve been working at full throttle. We operate leanly, because it enables us to price work competitively. When clients want us on-site, we’re there. When we’re just swimming in work, sometimes we do it in our pajamas. Keeps the overhead to a minimum, which keeps our rates below market. And somehow, work just comes out better when you’re wearing slippers.