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Read It & Reap

February 12th, 2014 / - filed under Client Relationships

Oftentimes our law firm clients groan and grumble that marketing takes oh so much time. Good marketing does require consistency and endurance, it’s true. But not everything needs to be so darn complex. When it comes to client relationships, a simple rule of friendship is really all that matters: Be a good listener, a good know-er.

Of course, sophisticated professional service providers like to think they know their clients. But like any good relationship, there’s always more to know. Always. Now, when I refer to “more to know,” I do not mean the big-picture-big-news-dossier stuff that is an admission price to a pitch meeting or a marketing lunch. I’m talking about the regular, everyday facts and figures that are hugely relevant to clients and largely unknown to the lawyers serving them. Set up Google Alerts for existing and prospective clients so you are on top of key developments. And if you do (or hope to) work for a public company, make sure to stay on top of their quarterly results. Read the earnings call transcripts. Understand the surges and dips. Pore through the 10-Ks. Anticipate changes. Get curious. Ask questions. What a fantastic way to show clients you’re thoughtful and engaged. And what a fantastic way to get engaged more often.