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Kristen McCain

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Kristen joined the Martini Consulting research team in 2007. Since then, she has produced competitive intelligence briefings on virtually every commercial market and industry participant. She’s a data wizard, able to sift through voluminous amounts of research material to create tailored briefings that—leanly and cleanly—support our clients’ needs.

Earlier in her career, Kristen served as an IT professional for GenRe for 12 years. She earned her BS in computer science and mathematics from the University of Vermont in 1987.

Kristen lives in Connecticut with her husband, three daughters and Tiki, an irritating, but nevertheless lovable, Bichon Frise. When she’s not working, though she’s pretty much always working, Kristen enjoys baking, running and more baking.

She makes mean banana bread, which we share with our favorite clients.