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Practice Planning & Development

While a big-ticket engagement is a good thing, waiting for that matter to come in the door isn’t much of a strategy. Prudent (and profitable) practice development relies on three things: clear objectives, integrated marketing efforts and follow-up. It is not enough to have superb experience. It is not enough to have great practitioners under one roof if they don’t collectively leverage strengths. It is definitely not enough to launch great marketing efforts or secure a whopping client success without follow-up.

We work alongside firm and practice leadership to develop simple, measurable plans of attack. We focus on:

• Enhancing the practice’s reputation through aggressive and integrated public relations activities;
• Identifying select target clients for new and expanded business;
• Developing concrete plans to reach each target client; and
• Executing each outreach and reporting on status.

Practice planning should never come at the expense of freedom.
Individual practitioners may have—or wish to develop—expertise and clientele in other areas. That’s a healthy and worthy thing. Strategic planning is not an exclusionary initiative. Instead, it serves to help our clients hone their offering and leverage lean internal resources.