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Research & Competitive Intelligence

Whether business development opportunities arise in connection with a formal RFP process, at the conclusion of a significant matter or out of a proactive realization that an existing relationship has major expansion opportunity, firms must do their homework.  We want our clients to embark on business development from a position of power. Knowledge is power.

We provide briefing books that encapsulate—leanly, but substantively—the hot button issues that professional service providers can incorporate into their pitches and use to further entrench key relationships. We focus on areas such as:

Legal Overviews  – analyzing significant and/or recent litigation and transactional matters;
Competitor Analysis – examining which firms the client/prospect already retains and for what sort of work;
Business  strategy & positioning – is a business acquisitive? Is it focusing on Asia? Is it closing down a particular area of work?;
Business  segments – how is the company organized? Where? What are the key products and services?
News & Developments – analysis of big developments our clients must know to underscore the care and feeding provided to their clients;
Leadership – who makes things happen and what are their backgrounds? and
Key Financials  – what does the bottom line look like? Is a company healthy or compromised?

In addition to business intelligence garnered on a specific company, clients also retain Martini Consulting to provide detailed analysis of specific markets, competitors and new areas of practice, among others. Our research products are fully customizable to support client needs and we often develop volume pricing arrangements to make such projects an affordable and ongoing part of doing business.