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Proposals & Pitches

Insofar as every law firm under the sun broadcasts a keen ability to “provide a broad spectrum of services to the full range of…”, a proposal is one of the best ways to distinguish a firm from its competition. To say something different. To offer something creative. To get beyond the broad spectrum of services and hone in on those of credible and lasting value.

Indeed, as competition for business grows more and more fierce, formal pitches for new—and even existing—business are now standard operating procedure.  While many firms have in-house teams dedicated to proposal development, oftentimes RFPs come in at lightning speed, requiring immediate response. Whether supporting in-house marketers or working directly with practice leadership, we have substantial experience preparing proposals to global financial institutions and major corporations. Our value-added is threefold: First, we understand  the substance of our clients’ businesses, which means there is no learning curve. Second, we call upon Ivy-league educated and law firm-trained writers. Third, we’re fresh. A firm’s positioning is a new frontier, enabling us to ask questions about differentiation, depth and pricing that meaningfully shape a bid for new business.

Clients also call upon Martini Consulting to support in-person pitches. In this area, as in all others, we scale our services to clients’ needs. In some instances, we work with firms to determine the best lead team; we create custom powerpoint presentations and also draft tailored materials to leave with prospects when appropriate. Sometimes, a partner just wants to bounce ideas off of expert marketers who are able and willing to listen, to posit new ideas, to think outside the box.

Take note: Before embarking on in-person pitches or developing formal proposals, do your homework. Know your audience. Deeply. Click here for more information on our research process.