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We leap out of bed each morning to help our clients succeed. We want their phones to ring and ring and ring. One valuable way to do this is to provide training—developed exclusively for law firm clients—to support attorneys at every stage of practice.

Associate Development.

In many firms, associates receive perilously little marketing training. Instead, we think about leverage; how to keep their heads buried in documents to maximize client billing. One day, somewhere around the sixth or seventh year, we expect those associates to magically transition from document sherpas to savvy business developers. Some will. Most will not.

Associates are expensive. Our job is to enable firms to capitalize on their investments in young lawyers by creating a marketing mindset from the get-go. We teach associates first how business development happens, the many different shapes of “rainmaker,” the mechanics of marketing. We host specific programs addressing how to develop and maintain contacts; cultivate speaking and writing expertise; and translate personal activities and involvements into business opportunities.

Senior Lawyers.

Sometimes attorneys at the very top of their game need a shot in the arm. Perhaps a significant and longstanding matter has resolved and a partner suddenly faces a precipitous decline in billable hours; perhaps a lateral defection has left a partner with a lean bench and she feels unable to credibly pitch for the same work; say a friend has taken an in-house role and the partner isn’t sure how to make an initial approach; or maybe it’s just a matter of a change in the market or a regulatory development where a partner sees huge opportunity, but isn’t sure how to capitalize.

As outsiders, we bring no politics, no agenda other than a lawyer’s success. But our inside knowledge ensures that we understand the panoply of internal and market dynamics that create logjams in client development. The combination is powerful.